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FIX API – Efficient Market Interactions for Professional Traders

Our proprietary Financial Information Exchange API (FIX API) allows traders and institutions to create their own automated trading systems, leveraging high-speed order routing and broad market coverage.

FIX API offers flexible solutions to suit the complex requirements of professional traders, allowing the execution of trades directly through the servers, circumventing the need for third-party software. With latency as low as 1 millisecond, the FIX protocol offers the ability to customise processes according to the trader’s own unique requirements.

NBHM MetaTrader4
Empower Your Trades with the FIX API Advantage

NBHM offers institutional traders the advantage of FIX API integration, giving them direct access to the markets from their own platform. It allows unparalleled control over trading.

Our server is based on the FIX 4.4 protocol, a popular tool for both retail and institutional traders, facilitating robust trade performance and up to 250 price updates per second.

Seamless integration with preferred trading platform

Accelerated market access, deep liquidity and competitive pricing

Perfect for firms seeking automated hedging and FX conversions

Adaptability to technology advancements and regulatory changes

Personalised interface and streaming of real-time price data

Ready for an Unmatched Trading Experience?

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