Discover the Future of Forex Trading

Trade CFDs on over 44 FX pairs and benefit from ultra-tight spreads and lightning-fast order execution.

01. What Is Forex?

The foreign exchange market is open 24/5 and is considered not only the largest but the most liquid market worldwide with a $5 Trillion trading volume per day. Even though it was only accessible to major financial institutions and high net worth individuals in the past, the FX market is now available to retail traders too. The market prices fluctuate often depending on a range of economic and geopolitical factors. 

02. What Is Our Promise?

At NBH Markets, we adhere to exceptional service standards and provide market execution of orders on 44+ currency pairs. We provide you with  the tools to enhance your trading experience and benefit from risk-reward opportunities within financial markets. In addition, you will be backed by some of the top liquidity providers in a technology-driven trading environment that is both modern and fast.

Trade CFDs on 44+ FX pairs

Popular FX Pairs
Symbol PIP Value
(1 standard lot)
lot size
Limit &
Stop Level
Swap Long Swap Short Digits
AUDCAD10 CAD100000 AUD0-4.84-0.225
AUDCHF10 CHF100000 AUD01.08-5.395
AUDJPY1000 JPY100000 AUD0-0.22-4.183
AUDNZD10 NZD100000 AUD0-4.29-1.985
AUDSGD10 SGD100000 AUD0-2.83-7.325
AUDUSD10 USD100000 AUD0-3.74-0.115
CADCHF10 CHF100000 CAD02.97-7.75
CADJPY1000 JPY100000 CAD01.89-6.713
CHFJPY1000 JPY100000 CHF0-5.17-0.663
EURAUD10 AUD100000 EUR0-10.121.625
EURCAD10 CAD100000 EUR0-13.424.955
EURCHF10 CHF100000 EUR0-1.87-3.745
EURGBP10 GBP100000 EUR0-5.830.725
EURJPY1000 JPY100000 EUR0-4.07-1.873
EURNOK10 NOK100000 EUR0-93.6125.025
EURNZD10 NZD100000 EUR0-12.652.345
EURSEK10 SEK100000 EUR0-41.14-23.15
EURSGD10 SGD100000 EUR0-14.524.325
EURTRY10 TRY100000 EUR0-317.13157.685
EURUSD10 USD100000 EUR0-9.93.965
EURZAR10 ZAR100000 EUR0-448.03247.325
GBPAUD10 AUD100000 GBP0-6.93-4.955
GBPCAD10 CAD100000 GBP0-9.9-0.775
GBPCHF10 CHF100000 GBP01.53-9.685
GBPJPY10 JPY100000 GBP0-0.33-7.923
GBPNOK10 NOK100000 GBP0-68.31-9.95
GBPNZD10 NZD100000 GBP0-8.47-4.845
GBPSEK10 SEK100000 GBP0-3.41-74.365
GBPSGD10 SGD100000 GBP0-11.22-0.995
GBPUSD10 USD100000 GBP0-7.370.095
NZDCAD10 CAD100000 NZD0-4.07-0.555
NZDCHF10 CHF100000 NZD01.26-5.725
NZDJPY1000 JPY100000 NZD00.36-4.623
NZDUSD10 USD100000 NZD0-3.3-0.995
USDCAD10 CAD100000 USD0-3.63-3.525
USDCHF10 CHF100000 USD03.96-9.95
USDDKK10 DKK100000 USD021.24-66.995
USDJPY1000 JPY100000 USD02.52-8.473
USDMXN10 MXN100000 USD0-444.95175.954
USDNOK10 NOK100000 USD0-23.76-32.015
USDSEK10 SEK100000 USD023.31-82.614
USDSGD10 SGD100000 USD0-3.52-5.725
USDTRY10 TRY100000 USD0-239.36104.855
USDZAR10 ZAR100000 USD0-324.94150.935
Dynamic leverage applies to MT4 and MT5. For more information visit: Leverage And Margins page »

Trading Instruments

All the Major Trading Instruments in One Place

Trade CFDs on over 60 instruments across a wide range of asset classes from a single trading account.

Benefit from fast execution and deep liquidity with most orders executed in under 14ms.


Trade CFDs on over 44 FX pairs. Benefit from ultra-tight spreads and lightning-fast order execution »

Precious Metals

Trade CFDs on Spot Metals like Gold and Silver. Unmask new trading opportunities »

Cash Indices

Trade CFDs on popular Cash Indices such as the S&P 500 and diversify your portfolio »


Trade CFDs on Spot Energies such as Brent oil, WTI and Natural Gas »

Trading Platforms

Select Your Trading Platform Depending on Your Needs

At NBH Markets we provide all our clients with advanced technology for efficient trading including MT4 and MT5, two of the most powerful trading platforms in the industry which are easy to use and fully customizable depending on your skills, preference and trading style.

Automated technical analysis and trading operations

Ultra-Low Latency Data Center Colocation

Compatibility with Windows, MacOS, Linux

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