Trading Instruments

All the Major Trading Instruments in One Place

Trade CFDs on Precious Metals

Invest in Your Prosperity by Trading Gold and Silver

Precious metals are a distinct asset class, impervious to market fluctuations, economic downturn or political unrest. Gold and silver have been traded for hundreds of years, and even today, the most experienced traders know to include precious metals in their portfolio.

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Trading CFDs on Currencies

Discover the Future of Forex Trading

At NBH Markets, we adhere to optimal service standards and provide market execution of orders on over 44 currency pairs. We give you the tools to take control of your Forex investments, enabling you to benefit from risk-reward opportunities within financial markets. You will be backed by some of the top liquidity providers in a technology-driven trading environment that is both modern and fast.

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Trade CFDs on Cash Indices

Take Advantage of the Global Market Trends

With NBH Markets  you can trade Indices with CFDs and take advantage of opportunities arising in a variety of global Indices. Access all Index CFDs from the same platform and take advantage of the market today.

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Trading Platforms

Select Your Trading Platform Depending on Your Needs

At NBH Markets we provide all our clients with advanced technology for efficient trading including MT4 and MT5, two of the most powerful trading platforms in the industry which are easy to use and fully customizable depending on your skills, preference and trading style.

Most Orders Executed in Less Than 13ms

Up to 7,000 Orders Executed per Second

Ultra-Low Latency Data Center Colocation

MetaTrader 5
MetaTrader 4