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NBHM provides exhilarating opportunities for individuals to trade the world’s largest and most active market. Forex enjoys daily trade volumes of over $5.3 trillion, a figure which is more than the futures and equity markets combined. A decentralised global market, Forex allows individuals to take positions on currency pairs, 24/5 from anywhere in the world.

With NBHM, clients get access to advanced technology that was traditionally only available to institutional traders. NBHM offers CFDs in over 44 currency pairs, backed by the top liquidity providers, lightning-fast execution and easy funding options.

NBHM platforms
Trade CFDs on 44+ FX pairs
Popular FX Pairs
SymbolPIP Value
(1 standard lot)
lot size
Limit &
Stop Level
Swap LongSwap ShortDigits
AUDCAD10 CAD100000 AUD0-2.99-1.65
AUDCHF10 CHF100000 AUD0-0.13-2.815
AUDJPY1000 JPY100000 AUD0-1.72-1.633
AUDNZD10 NZD100000 AUD0-3.7-1.685
AUDSGD10 SGD100000 AUD0-5.19-2.995
AUDUSD10 USD100000 AUD0-2.26-0.675
CADCHF10 CHF100000 CAD0-1.88-5.625
CADJPY1000 JPY100000 CAD0-2.09-3.743
CHFJPY1000 JPY100000 CHF0-6.45-2.333
EURAUD10 AUD100000 EUR0-5.42-1.085
EURCAD10 CAD100000 EUR0-8.9-3.615
EURCHF10 CHF100000 EUR0-2.87-4.665
EURGBP10 GBP100000 EUR0-4.41-0.745
EURJPY1000 JPY100000 EUR0-4.62-1.983
EURNOK10 NOK100000 EUR0-75.74-39.225
EURNZD10 NZD100000 EUR0-14.31-6.345
EURSEK10 SEK100000 EUR0-75.16-49.975
EURSGD10 SGD100000 EUR0-33.3-25.065
EURTRY10 TRY100000 EUR0-770.22-69.045
EURUSD10 USD100000 EUR0-6-0.665
EURZAR10 ZAR100000 EUR0-353.6610.155
GBPAUD10 AUD100000 GBP0-2.75-4.485
GBPCAD10 CAD100000 GBP0-6.51-6.095
GBPCHF10 CHF100000 GBP0-1.05-7.745
GBPJPY10 JPY100000 GBP0-2.73-4.523
GBPNOK10 NOK100000 GBP0-63.14-66.335
GBPNZD10 NZD100000 GBP0-10.11-7.685
GBPSEK10 SEK100000 GBP0-103.86-118.825
GBPSGD10 SGD100000 GBP0-29.67-27.255
GBPUSD10 USD100000 GBP0-3.23-2.385
NZDCAD10 CAD100000 NZD0-5.47-65
NZDCHF10 CHF100000 NZD0-1.69-6.35
NZDJPY1000 JPY100000 NZD0-3.63-5.843
NZDUSD10 USD100000 NZD0-2.29-3.185
USDCAD10 CAD100000 USD0-3.17-3.275
USDCHF10 CHF100000 USD00.19-4.965
USDDKK10 DKK100000 USD0-48.61-75.015
USDJPY1000 JPY100000 USD0-2.1-3.54
USDMXN10 MXN100000 USD0-452.8813.144
USDNOK10 NOK100000 USD0-43.07-52.425
USDSEK10 SEK100000 USD0-73.05-90.764
USDSGD10 SGD100000 USD0-21.22-20.565
USDTRY10 TRY100000 USD0-591.6134.615
USDZAR10 ZAR100000 USD0-309.5880.155

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Why Trade Forex with NBHM

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