Trading Conditions | Safety of Funds

The Highest Level of Fund Safety

Client Funds Security

At NBHM, we constantly strive for the highest level of stability and security for our clients’ funds. All deposits and funds are backed by physical gold, offered by the National Bullion House. The ability to withdraw funds in physical gold* means that funds are protected even against political instability and economic downturns.

NBHM safety of funds

We ensure fund safety by:

Segregation of Client Funds

Funds are held securely in separate accounts from NBHM’s own funds. The brokerage cannot use client funds for any company purpose, under any circumstances.

Protection of Client Funds

Protecting client funds is our top priority. This is why we ensure reconciliation on an ongoing basis. Clients are always in control of and have access to their funds.

Best Trade Execution

We are committed to executing every single trade with ultra-low latency, ensuring minimal slippage and the most favourable terms possible for our clients.

Trade with Gold-Backed Stability

Trade FX, CFDs & Cash Indices with a reputable, established broker