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A cash index is the best way to monitor a particular sector of the economy or market trends in general. Its value represents the aggregated performance of all the stocks included and is calculated as a weighted average.

Indices enable traders to speculate on a specific market, as opposed to individual shares. Hence, they are very popular among investors who wish to take positions on the changing fortunes of the economic sectors represented by indices.

NBHM indices
Trade CFDs on Cash Indices
Popular Indices
SymbolPIP Value
(1 standard lot)
lot size
Limit &
Stop Level
Swap LongSwap ShortDigits
DE30cash1 EUR10 Contracts0-0.16-0.281
ESP35cash1 EUR10 Contracts0-0.16-0.281
FTSEcash1 GBP10 Contracts0-0.22-0.221
CAC40cash1 EUR10 Contracts0-0.16-0.281
EUSTX50cash1 EUR10 Contracts0-0.16-0.281
ASX200cash1 USD10 Contracts0-0.22-0.221

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