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Trading Hours for the Festive Season 2020 – 2021

We have compiled the opening hours of exchanges for the festive season 2020/2021.

Please refer to the table below for the schedule (GMT +2) of all the instruments.

Instrument24 December 202025 December 202028 December 2020
FXNormal HoursClosedNormal Hours
SIH1Early close: 20:40ClosedNormal Hours
GCG1Early close: 20:40ClosedNormal Hours
USOILEarly close: 20:30ClosedNormal Hours
UKOILEarly close: 20:30ClosedNormal Hours
NGASEarly close: 20:30ClosedNormal Hours
NASDAQEarly close: 20:10ClosedNormal Hours
SP500Early close: 20:10ClosedNormal Hours
DJ30Early close: 20:10ClosedNormal Hours
FTSEEarly close: 14:45ClosedClosed
CAC40Early close: 14:50ClosedReopens: 09:00
ASX200Early close: 07:30ClosedClosed
DAXClosedClosedNormal Hours
EUSTX50ClosedClosedNormal Hours
IBEXEarly close: 14:55ClosedNormal Hours
NIKKEIEarly close: 20:10ClosedNormal Hours
XAUUSDEarly close: 20:30ClosedNormal Hours
XAGUSDEarly close: 20:30ClosedNormal Hours
Instrument31 December 20201 January 2021
FXNormal HoursClosed
SIH1Normal HoursClosed
GCG1Normal HoursClosed
USOILNormal HoursClosed
UKOILEarly close: 21:45Closed
NGASNormal HoursClosed
NASDAQNormal HoursClosed
SP500Normal HoursClosed
DJ30Normal HoursClosed
FTSEEarly close: 14:45Closed
CAC40Early close: 14:50Closed
ASX200Early close: 07:30Closed
IBEXEarly close: 14:55Closed
NIKKEINormal HoursClosed
XAUUSDNormal HoursClosed
XAGUSDNormal HoursClosed

Friday, 18th December, 2020

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