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Setting the Gold Standard in Trading

NBHM makes institutional trading conditions accessible to everyone.

About NBH Markets

NBH Markets (NBHM) offers Forex and CFD trading backed by physical gold. NBHM is the only broker with gold-backed stability offered by the National Bullion House.

NBHM is committed to providing high standards to every trader. The global team continuously strives to establish long-term relationships based on integrity and ethical practices.

NBHM is known for providing the best trading conditions which are designed to give traders a competitive edge. NHBM tailors its solutions and products for institutional and retail traders and investors.

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Exceptional Track Record

Managed by industry experts, NBHM surpasses the expectations of the most discerning global traders. This fuels the commitment to continuously push the boundaries and develop in-house solutions.

NBHM strives to continually improve the quality and efficiency of its technologies to help each trader reach their potential.

NBHM has set the bar high. Through the ability to withdraw in physical gold and also providing access to STP, no-dealing desk trading environment and real-time transaction execution. NBHM is unrivalled.

The Foundation Stone

Our Mission

To accelerate our position as the preferred choice for investors seeking premium services, advanced technologies and the best route to the global financial markets.

Our Vision

NBHM strives to become the one true destination for traders. The leading destination for investors to access a wide range of instruments. The number one team for providing a best-in-class portfolio management service. Ultimately the preferred advisory services for investors to achieve their aspirations in a trusted environment.

Gold Trading

Buys, sells and distributes physical gold, silver bars and coins to retail clients, hedge funds and bullion industry players.

Vault Services

Provides insured custody and storage of gold and other precious metals in secure vault facilities in Denmark. Registered with DFSA.


Exclusive jewellery store catering to customers with a sophisticated taste. Creates custom pieces based on unique specifications.

Digital Banking

Digital banking services with intelligent and independent banking cells that collectively secure and drive the entire network.


A Dubai-based travel agency with highly qualified travel consultants, as well as reservation and support staff, catering to the most discerning clients.


Luxurious and elegant dining restaurants located in prime destinations, catering to the most discerning palates.

Yacht Services

Catering to every facet of the global yachting industry. Experienced captains, engineers, chefs and stewardesses ensure delivery of all provisions.

The National Bullion House Umbrella

The various businesses under the NBH umbrella provide elite solutions to a wide variety of clients. The global network spans branches and agents in Cyprus, Denmark, Oman, Lebanon, Kuwait and the UAE.

An Eye Towards the Future

NBHM brings all these prestigious services under one central hub. Ever vigilant and dynamic, NBHM addresses the changing trends in the market and will continue to provide excellent services in:

Vault Services

Wealth Management

Risk Management

Gold Trading

CFD Trading

Security of Funds

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